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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 18

Chapter 18 YOU WAKE UP at Sky Harbor International.Set your watch back two hours. The shuttle takes me to downtown Phoenix and every bar I go into there are guys with stitches around the rim of an eye socket where a good slam packed their face meat against its sharp edge. There are guys with sideways noses, and these guys at the bar see me with the puckered hole in my cheek and we're an instant family. Tyler hasn't been home for a while. I do my little job. I go airport to airport to look at the cars that people died in. The magic... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 19

Chapter 19 ALL NIGHT LONG, your thoughts are on the air.Am I sleeping? Have I slept at all? This is the insomnia.Try to relax a little more with every breath out, but your heart's still racing and your thoughts tornado in your head.Nothing works. Not guided meditation.You're in Ireland.Not counting sheep.You count up the days, hours, minutes since you can remember falling asleep. Your doctor laughed. Nobody ever died from lack of sleep. The old bruised fruit way your face looks, you'd think you were dead.After three o'clock in the... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 20

Chapter 20 FAST FORWARD, fly back home to Marla and the Paper Street Soap Company. Everything is still falling apart. At home, I'm too scared to look in the fridge. Picture dozens of little plastic sandwich bags labeled with cities like Las Vegas and Chicago and Milwaukee where Tyler had to make good his threats to protect chapters of fight club. Inside each bag would be a pair of messy tidbits, frozen solid. . In one corner of the kitchen, a space monkey squats on the cracked linoleum and studies himself in a hand mirror. "I am... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 21

Chapter 21 HIS NAME IS Robert Paulson and he is forty-eight years old. His name is Robert Paulson, and Robert Paulson will be forty-eight years old, forever. On a long enough time line, everyone's survival rate drops to zero. Big Bob. The big cheesebread. The big moosie was on a regulation chill-and-drill homework assignment. This was how Tyler got into my condominium to blow it up with homemade dynamite. You take a spray canister of refrigerant, R-12 if you can still get it, what with the ozone hole and everything, or R-134a, and... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 22

Chapter 22 THAT OLD SAYING, about how you always kill the thing you love, well, it works both ways. And it does work both ways. This morning I went to work and there were police barricades between the building and the parking lot with the police at the front doors, taking statements from the people I work with. Everybody milling around. I didn't even get off the bus. I am Joe's Cold Sweat. From the bus, I can see the floor-to-ceiling windows on the third floor of my office building are blown out, and inside a fireman in a dirty... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 23

Chapter 23 THE EXPLODED SHELL of my burned-out condo is outer space black and devastated in the night above the little lights of the city. With the windows gone, a yellow ribbon of police crime scene tape twists and swings at the edge of the fifteen-story drop.I wake up on the concrete subfloor. There was maple flooring once. There was art on the walls before the explosion. There was Swedish furniture. Before Tyler.I'm dressed. I put my hand in my pocket and feel.I'm whole.Scared but intact.Go to the edge of the floor, fifteen... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 24

Chapter 24 HIS NAME WAS Patrick Madden, and he was the mayor's special envoy on recycling. His name was Patrick Madden, and he was an enemy of Project Mayhem. I walk out into the night around First Methodist, and it's all coming back to me. All the things that Tyler knows are all coming back to me. Patrick Madden was compiling a list of bars where fight clubs met. All of the sudden, I know how to run a movie projector. I know how to break locks and how Tyler had rented the house on Paper Street just before he revealed himself to me... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 25

Chapter 25 TYLER'S STANDING THERE, perfectly handsome and an angel in his everything-blond way. My will to live amazes me.Me, I'm a bloody tissue sample dried on a bare mattress in my room at the Paper Street Soap Company.Everything in my room is gone.My mirror with a picture of my foot from when I had cancer for ten minutes. Worse than cancer. The mirror is gone. The closet door is open and my six white shirts, black pants, underwear, socks, and shoes are gone. Tyler says, "Get up."Under and behind and inside everything I took for... [Lire la suite]
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02 mars 2004

Fight Club - Chapter 26 - The End ?...

Chapter 26 IN MY FATHER'S house are many mansions. Of course, when I pulled the trigger, I died. Liar. And Tyler died. With the police helicopters thundering toward us, and Marla and all the support group people who couldn't save themselves, with all of them trying to save me, I had to pull the trigger. This was better than real life. And your one perfect moment won't last forever. Everything in heaven is white on white. Faker.Everything in heaven is quiet, rubber-soled shoes. I can sleep in heaven.People write to me in heaven and... [Lire la suite]
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