Kotinos Ghost

... ou les fragments d'Oneiros Thanatos

"Je crois à s'arracher le coeur comme on dégoupille une grenade"

29 mai 2004

Novocaïne for the soul



Novocaïne for the soul

Life is hard, and so am I.
You'd better give me something so I don't die.
Novocaine for the soul
Before I sputter out. x2

Life is white and I am black,
Jesus and his lawyer are coming back.
Oh my darling, will you be here
Before I sputter out. (x3)

Guess who's living here with the great undead.
This paint-by-numbers life is fucking with my head,
Once again.

Life is good and I feel great,
'Cause mother says I was a great mistake.
Novocaine for the soul
You'd better give me something to fill the hole
Before I sputter out. (x5)

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